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Are you looking for a new fur baby? It is very important to engage in meaningful conversation with reputable breeder. A breeder that takes the time and work in raising a healthy fur baby. Sue Dials is top notch.

My husband walked into my office and showed me a picture of a female black Labrador puppy looking for a home. After much consideration and several conversations with Sue, we each took the leap of faith to make the drive and bring this lovely fur baby home.

The conversations with Sue was very much appreciated because we learned about the amount of care that went into breeding of our new puppy. Plus she wanted to make sure we were ready for this adventure because having a good home for your baby is just as important to the breeder as it is for new owners.

Our girl is so lovely, well mannered, full of life and fast learner. She has been another wonderful blessing for our family.

The nice thing is that Sue stays connected to you to ensure her baby is well taken care of and helps answer any questions that may come your way.

We are blessed and greatful to be on this path with Dials family and we love our baby – Luna. She is my snuggle baby and life is so much better with her in it.

Kayla & Shadow

Maryland USA

Labrador retriever is America’s favorite for family member. Juniper southern labradors is top notch when it comes to reputable breeder for Labrador Retrievers. Sue Dials, one of the owners, dedication and love makes all the difference, you couldn’t ask for a better family to guide you and your family on the path of adding a special fury family member. Conversations with Sue will be very informative, meaningful and heartfelt. It’s not easy handing your babies to someone else which is why Sue fully engages with you to make sure it’s a perfect fit. She will answer all your questions and check on her babies to make sure everything is going as smoothly as possible. We are so blessed to have one of Sue’s babies, Luna. Luna is a treasure family member and blessed to be forevermore part of the Juniper Southern Labrador family.

Judy & Luna

Ohio USA

Mrs. Sue Dial and her dogs are a true blessing. We got our Boone from her back at Christmas time. These are the absolute best dogs and they are so loved and taken care of. She dedicates her life to these dogs and their babies. The love and the care they get is immeasurable!! I can honestly say, I would highly recommend getting a puppy here!! They are all TOP OF THE LINE….VERY HEALTHY AND HAPPY. When we decide to get another lab she will come from here!! No questions ask!

Denise & Boone

Tennessee USA

Paisley is growing like a weed! She has changed so much and love everything about her, puppy kisses, easy to train, eager to please, loyal, smart, great companion. Just perfect! Thank you Sue Dial & George Athanasopoulos for breeding such a beautiful dog. Inside and out she is perfect!

JoMaria & PaIsley

North Carolina USA

I had the pleasure of finding Sue Dial, three years ago – looking for a lab to replace one I had lost – I of course wanted a yellow female-the litter I was waiting on delivered three black males- I have name my wonderful black dog Chief – He is perfect – six months later I asked Sue for another to keep Chief company – i now have TWO lovely black dogs – They are everything an English lab should possess – a Hollywood head and personality – I was asked if I would consider placing Chief in a program which trained dogs to sense seizures in children – he is that keen – I can not part with him – I have had many dogs and many labs – and I will tell anyone these two are the best

Susan & Chief & Tar

Florida USA

We lost our sweet girl Allie to cancer in the fall of 2017. We are empty nesters and thought we were ready for a quiet home and less responsibility. Fast forward to October of 2018, we were introduced to Sue Dial through a mutual friend and one week later we brought our fabulous yellow lab Cody home. Wow, we didn’t realize how much love we were missing. Our hearts were full…we thought! In June of 2019, we added our sweet Champ to the family! Now our hearts and home are truly full of love, laughter, and kisses everyday. If you are looking for a forever puppy, we give Sue at Juniper’s Southern Labradors our highest recommendation! The moment you step on her property you feel the love she gives these pups, they are all so happy and well adjusted. The pups are hand raised from the very first day, Sue even sleeps in the same room with them! Their temperament is exceptional and the blood line is top notch. Did I mention these guys are absolutely gorgeous? If you’re looking for the next four legged member of your family, we highly recommend Juniper’s Southern Labradors!

Jamie & Champ, Cody

Florida USA